What is STEM-It?

STEM-IT Project

STEM-IT Project is a Math Science Partnership between the Educational Service District 123 (ESD 123), Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (PNNL), Washington State University (WSU) and selected regional school districts in the SE LASER Alliance.



The purpose of the MSP STEM-IT Project is to strengthen the STEM content knowledge and skills of selected Expert Teachers in the SE LASER Alliance through a partnership with scientists (PNNL and WSU) and in professional development with their building principal as a team of learners; and to utilize that expertise in the development of STEM problem-based enhancements for the science curricula used in Washington State.  From this work, a model for professional development  will be designed, piloted, and delivered to other teachers in this region as well as web-based resources available to all.


1)     To increase the STEM content knowledge of regionally identified Expert Teachers (as measured with a pre/post content assessment) by engaging in an adult oriented, real-life, problem-based immersion experience in partnership with scientists and engineers.

2)     To facilitate the development cycle (design, pilot, revise) by Expert Teachers of authentic and engaging STEM Enhancements for Science and Technology for Children (STC) curriculum used in grades 3 – 5 throughout the region and the state.


3)     To develop and/or increase STEM education awareness and advocacy in building principals of participating Expert Teachers through the Science Leadership Network – a professional development experience designed for principals and Expert Teacher teams; 

4)     To increase student science learning, achievement and attitude/confidence toward STEM education in classes of Expert Teachers and by engaging in a student oriented immersion experience modeled on adult immersion experiences and derived from the context of the STC unit.

To provide a web-based, replicable model for professional development including all training materials and formative assessment processes for use by classroom teachers across Washington State.